Saturday, June 25, 2011

Booga Bean's 1st Birthday

So, more of the fun I've been up to.

Remember this lil' guy?

Well, he turned 1-year old last month.  Yep he's now become the cutest toddler ever and no longer the cutest infant ever.  And, oh what a toddler he is.  We couldn't wait for him to start walking.  How soon we'd forgotten what it's like to have a miniature man roaming the house getting into any and everything.  I was promptly reminded though, a couple weeks ago, when I heard my floor lamp crash to pieces on the living room coffee table.  Yep, mini man pulled it down on one of his grand adventures discovering the house on his own.

Last month, we celebrated his birthday at the park with a small barbecue with the family.  It was a baby jungle animal theme party and I had all these grand ideas for it, including going to the zoo in the park and visiting the amusement and fairytale theme parks there.  As always, all my ideas got way ahead of me and the time I actually had to do them in.  We didn't make it to the zoo, the amusement or the the theme parks.  But, I was more them determined to put together my very first dessert table and make the party decorations on my own.  I think I scored there.  Check it out.

I was really thrilled with how this all ended up coming together.  Pretty much everything I envisioned and I think not too bad for it being my first dessert table.  As much as I love the table though, my absolute favorite part of this picture is the little kiddies playing in the background. 

Goodies included:  Cupcakes, Decorated Sugar Cookies, Brownie Pops, and Caramel Corn, all made by me.  And in the candy jars: Gummi Bears, Animal Crackers, Lollipops, Licorice and Orange Cream Taffy.
Decorated Sugar Cookies

Goodie bags to fill with treats

Brownie Pops.  I didn't get to actually taste any of these but I heard they were pretty tasty.

Mini Candy Buffet

Caramel Corn Cones

Yum!  :-)

So I had the mini cake/cupcake tower topper all cute and on it's way to the park.  We're almost there when I (and several other drivers) had to swerve, brake, and then yell (okay, maybe that was just me yelling ;-)) to avoid hitting a little black dog, lost and darting in and out of traffic.  When I hit my brakes, the cake stand flew off the seat and right on top of the cake leaving the nice little gash you see on the left side.  Although I hope the little doggie made it home safely, I was none too happy with him in that moment. Ugh!

Love the cute little figures I picked up at the baking supply store. 

And here's a picture of me and my adorable lil' niece at the party.  I think she had a great time.  She even made a new friend, young Resputia meeting young Norbit style. LOL!!!!!!! (You had to be there.  ;-)) 


And finally, one of my favorite pics of the Birthday Boy from that day.  He was on his third change of clothes in less that a couple hours after we got there.  So here he is, in his diaper and tee in the middle of the celebration, playing with his big cousin.  Hey!  What kind of party is it anyway if you can't walk around in your undies, right?  LOL!!

Fun times.....

Happy Birthday Booga Beans!

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  1. Everything looks delicious and crafty. Did you make these items yourself?