Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Safari

Here's a set of baby safari animals I did for one of the teachers at my son's BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM.  (Note to moms:  It's no longer "daycare" when the kiddo moves from preschool to kindergarten.  Not a recent revelation to me, but one I have to constantly remind myself of again now that big brother has a little brother that goes to "daycare."  We don't take 2nd graders (Or kindergartners, or 1st graders) to daycare.  We take babies to daycare.  Okay?  Thanks.  =)).

Shanon is due to have a baby boy next month and had been mentioning wanting cookies for her baby shower for months in advance.  I'd fallen in love with the cookies here at Ali Bee's Bake Shop blog (Thanks Ali Bee!  So cute!) so I was super excited when Shanon requested safari animals after she and her party hosts purchased the shower decorations.  Between Ali Bee's and the shower theme decorations, here's what Shanon got:

So, I totally crossed my fingers and prayed after I free handed baby giraffe there.  I had no giraffe cutter but was determined to include him.  It just didn't seem like the set would be complete without him so I took a Christmas stocking cutter and modified it a bit.  Not sure why I left that extra bit at the back of the base of his neck but when all was said and done I think he worked!  

If you can't tell, that's supposed to be a pacifier in the little monkey's (and tiger's) mouth.  Julian said he couldn't tell it was a pacifier so I was instantly worried that Shanon and her guests wouldn't be able to tell either.  I mentioned the pacifiers to Shanon upon delivering them though and she totally got it (sticking my tongue out at my boy).  =)

You'll likely see these guys again.  I've been planning, in my head, my youngest son's 1st birthday party for months now and it will be a safari/jungle animal theme.  I guess it's time to move the planning from my head to at least paper though seeing as how Titus is 8 months old today.  Where in the world does time go so fast?!  Julian and I will have to decide if we'll keep the pacifiers with them or not though.  =)

Congrats, Shanon!

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  1. Giraffes are hard to do in sugar -- but yours are so cute! Love them.