Saturday, January 29, 2011

Decorations for V-Day?! Absolutely!

I want to decorate the house (or at least the living and dining rooms) for Valentine's Day.  My sister thinks that a silly idea but, I love hearts and the pinks and reds and glitter and whimsiness (is that a word?) that Valentine's day brings (my math-teaching, basketball-coaching, super cool Auntie of a Big Sis doesn't dig glitter and whimsy).  Plus, I was ridiculously late getting my Christmas tree up this past Christmas (So sad, 9:30 p.m., Christmas Eve was when the star was finally on the top of the tree.  SMH.) 

Anyway, a few years back I'd hosted and decorated a table at our church Annual Ladies Tea in a "sweet"heart/Valentine theme and well, I figure what better way to put to good use again, all the sweet table decorations I'd picked up for that one day then to break them out every year for Valentines day?!?!  When I saw this cutie at JoAnn a few weeks ago for 40% off, I had to have it, and it was confirmed, those decorations are going up and Big Sis' e-mail will be flooded with pictures when I'm done.  Hehehe!

Hearts!  Glitter!  Whimsy!  I LOVE it so!!!!!! <3

Can you guess what these will be?  Take a look here for a hint at what part of my Valentine "tablescape" will have on it.   

Those are my everyday mugs by the way that coincidentally
worked perfectly for holding these guys.

I'll be back later with their finished shots and hopefully the whole look at home!  I can't wait!  

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