Sunday, February 6, 2011

Done and Super Cute!

So here they are!  A little late but done, and super cute if I must say so myself.  =)  So cute in fact that I'm already thinking of more and designs for Spring/Easter decorated ones!

The complete set took a little longer to finish because for some reason I thought my cupcake holder only held 12.  I was all excited to be done and display them until I pulled the holder down from the top of the fridge and discovered I needed 6 more!  Back to the craft store I went for more Styrofoam balls.  I don't know, maybe it's just me but it seemed like that last batch of Styrofoam balls I purchased were slightly smaller than the first ones even though the package indicated they were the same dimension.  The brighter pink ones were from the second batch.  What do you think?  Smaller (or do you think I'm just insane for thinking it even matters?  =) )?

This one is my favorite!

And here's my table for two. 

Still getting used to the idea that my little 8 month-old cutie can get around the house pretty well on his own now.  One pull on one side of that table runner and he had half the table down in a split second.  Duh, Mom!!!!!!!  What were you thinking?!

Here's our little Booga Beans!  No, I didn't cage him after he tried to take my table out.  He was just playing peek-a-boo from his crib on another day.

"Here's Titus!"

Happy Superbowl Sunday folks!  I'm off to church and to Titusproof the house!  =) 


  1. Those cupcakes are adorable! What a great idea. I can't even imagine how long they took to make though!

  2. Thanks, lilaloa. I saw them on the Bake It Pretty website/blog for Christmas and thought it'd be cute for Valentine's Day too. The instructions are on th BIP site too if you wanna give it a shot. :-)